Celtic Key Pattern Inlaid Long Box

Celtic key pattern long box of hard maple inlaid with walnut and flocked interior. I think my second foray into laser-cut wood inlay went pretty well. This is probably not an optimal dice vault but, it looks good with these turquoise gemstone dice. I’ll likely do a proper dice vault in the future. the build video is more of a “what I did” than a “how to.” The beauty shots were a great opportunity to play with the new motion control robot.

180° Degree Spirals Pop Up Card

In keeping with tradition, I present my 2019 holiday card: a 180° degree opening Celtic spirals abstract origamic architecture / kirigami-style pop up.

Laser-Scoring Both Sides of a Card

I have had several people ask me about this. So, I made a video showing how to score both sides of a piece of paper or card stock with precision alignment using the laser.

After cutting and scoring the front of the card, I cut an outline of the reversed card and, set up a simple right-angle jig to make it easy to put the cut cards in the same spot in the machine. I discuss several methods for work hold-down and, how to adjust for minor errors in the setup.

I am consistently able to get hair-line alignment using this approach.

While I am using a Glowforge here, this technique is essentially the same in other laser cutters.


2019 XOXO card

Glowforge Boot (for reducing tray movement)

Acrylic Square / Fiducial Alignment Ruler

(While this incorporates fiducial markings for a beta alignment feature you may not have (Snapmarks), we are NOT using that here. We just need a right angle piece that will stay put and, let us consistently put our cards in the same spot in the machine.)

Spray Adhesive

Seklema work hold-down mat

Amazon referral links for some parts and incidentals defray IT and hosting costs for a local arts organization (Arizona Aikido).

Totoro Twisted-Crest OA/Kirigami Pop Up Card

Just open this card and … 🎶 you’ll be meeting Totoro! 🎶

Although I don’t normally do a lot with other people’s characters or designs, some of Hayao Miyazake’s movies have a special place in my heart.   I know they do for many others, too.  So, I did this for some upcoming birthdays.

I sketched my Totoro (Totoros?) in Procreate on the iPad, with a still from the movie as a reference.  I used the sketch as a reference to make a vector version in Inkscape.  I created the ferns the same way.  I designed the flowers directly in Inkscape.

Engraving wasn’t providing enough contrast, even when dusting with chalk.  So, the white on the fronts are polyester sticker stock where I just cut the sticker layer and weeded it.  I filled in the tail engraves with a white gel pen.