Celtic Key Pattern Washi Tape

You may have noticed that I love the knotwork, key patterns and spirals of Celtic art. I had a neat idea for another way to share that. I turned one of my key patterns into some fun Celtic key pattern washi tape. The test run came out great! If you want some to play with, I have a limited quantity from the first run of the Celtic Key Pattern Washi Tape available in the shop.

Light-Up Paper Star

I started playing with making a light-up paper star to use as a package or tree ornament over the holidays a few years ago. The previous attempt used separate pieces for each point of the star. While that has a great form, it was difficult to assemble and fragile at that size. This past season, I came up with a simpler design that just has a front and a back. It’s obvious enough that I am sure it has been done before but, it worked out pretty well for this.

This is cut from a heavy violet cover stock with translucent panels glued to the inner sides. A little arm holds a Chibitronics Rainbow Fade Circuit Sticker in the middle. Conductive thread runs out through a point to a 3D-printed CR2032 battery holder I designed.

There is a video showing how I made it and, the patterns and STL files are below.  The patterns show the areas where I cut out scrollwork so you can add your own designs.  Even just a pattern of holes in those areas without the translucent vellum would make a great star.

These files are for personal, non-commercial use only.  Note that, by referencing these, you are agreeing to release any variations you create under identical terms.

Attribution-Creative Commons NonCommercial-ShareAlike

Paper Star, single tab (SVG)

Paper Star, double tab (SVG)

Paper Star, single tab with electronics arm (SVG)

CR2032 Battery Holder (ZIP with STLs)

Other Resources

Dragon Pop Up Card

I have really been wanting to do a dragon pop up for awhile. Though it might not be most people’s first holiday association, I had time to work on a card and, this was the one that called to me. Conveniently, this coming Lunar year is the Year of the Wood Dragon. Paper is basically wood, right?

Azuma Bukuro Dice Bag

I thought a simple dice bag styled after a Japanese azuma bukuro bento/market bag would be fun.  The fabric is 100% cotton sateen, custom-printed with one of my Celtic key pattern designs.  I cut the fabric on the laser using the new vacuum tray, which was great for the precision.

Violet Box

New packaging/gift box design! This violet card stock has a wonderful velvety feel and, engraves to a beautiful contrast.

Jack-O-Lantern 2023

Jack-o-lantern 3D modeled in Nomad Sculpt with panning and flickering candle animations done in Blender.

Two semi-realistic 3D CGI jack-o-lanterns sitting on a brick wall.