Azuma Bukuro Dice Bag

I thought a simple dice bag styled after a Japanese azuma bukuro bento/market bag would be fun.  The fabric is 100% cotton sateen, custom-printed with one of my Celtic key pattern designs.  I cut the fabric on the laser using the new vacuum tray, which was great for the precision.

Violet Box

New packaging/gift box design! This violet card stock has a wonderful velvety feel and, engraves to a beautiful contrast.

Jack-O-Lantern 2023

Jack-o-lantern 3D modeled in Nomad Sculpt with panning and flickering candle animations done in Blender.

Two semi-realistic 3D CGI jack-o-lanterns sitting on a brick wall.

Laser Dye Removal Skull Shirt

Some time ago, I took a photo of a skull set into a wall in the catacombs under Paris. In this underground ossuary are interred many forgotten French soldiers and plague victims, their identities lost to time.

With some adjustments, I was able to get it suitable for laser engraving.

I wanted to try a technique Jennifer Huber shared on the Glowforge forum recently.

I treated a T-shirt with heat-activated dye discharge paste.

After it dried, I used a tray replacement developed by Bailey Heyman to load it in the laser so I could engrave the design to activate the dye discharge paste.

Washing the paste out took some work. I used synthrapol, a specialized detergent that keeps dye from re-depositing on textiles. It took about a dozen rinse cycles to get it clean.

The lighter-colored stripe is likely an artifact from the Glowforge UI resizing the image when I exported at 72 instead of 96 DPI.

Green Pouch

I printed some of the Celtic spirals fabric in green and, used it with the brown faux/vegan leather to make another pouch.

Pouch Prototype

I made this small dice pouch prototype using fabric I had printed with a variant of one of my Celtic spirals designs.  The rest of the body is made from a faux/vegan leather.  I used my Celtic spirals triskelion and some new derivatives for the front and flap.  The drawstring is a commercial braided kumihimo cord and, the front flap has a magnetic clasp.

This took several passes to get the design right but, after that, the final prototype came together very quickly.