Laser-cut Spiral Stamp

Lasercut spiral stamp mounted on champagne corkOne thing that always appealed to me about having a laser cutter in the studio is being able to create rubber stamps as needed, rather than having to send artwork out to a service. I have some “low odor” laserable rubber on-hand that I have never used. So, as a quick evening project this week, I created this little spiral stamp on the new Glowforge. I mounted it on a champagne cork using carpet tape, with a layer of plastic packing foam between the rubber and cork.

Important lessons learned here include how to size artwork for the GFUI and, that you absolutely do not want the residue from laser engraving rubber on your hands.


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Abstract Origamic Architecture Experiment on the New Glowforge

This week saw the arrival of the long-anticipated Glowforge laser cutting machine at the I had it up and running in a couple hours, dialed in some settings for cutting some standard stock last night and, produced this quickie abstract origamic architecture / kirigami this afternoon.  I am super excited to have an easy-to-use laser available!

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Hart of Winter

The Hart of Winter is my 2016 holiday origamic architecture / kirigami / pop up card.  The card is three pieces. The two silver pieces mount to the base with slotting tabs then, connect together via interlocking antlers. These were fun and relatively easy to build and, a big hit!

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Garden Lantern Pop Up Card with Integrated Electronics

I have been making chicken tracks around integrating paper electronics with origamic architecture for several years.  This is my first presentable project along that line.

I’ve had a vague idea for a garden lantern OA for quite some time.  The electronics seemed like a solid match for this.  The lantern itself it is a single piece of stock, cut, scored, folded and joined on two edges to make a pop up. It is mounted on two additional flat base layers that incorporate and conceal the electronics.

This uses an integrated switch and has no externally-visible electronic components, which I haven’t seen in any other paper electronics projects elsewhere yet.

The closed card is 11cm by 16cm. The lantern is 4cm square at the base and ~5cm tall when opened.

Watch the video to see the candle flicker effect and, to see it folded flat.

The “ambient nocturnal background sounds” in the video is another one of my multi-track recording experiments.

Special thanks to Natalie Freed whose paper electronics class at HSL shortened my learning curve with the paper electronics stuff. Thanks also to Jie Qi for her inspiring projects and, to the team at Circuit Stickers whose efforts made my project a lot easier.

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