Quest Battery Pouch

Something I noticed pretty quickly with my new Oculus Quest VR headset is that it slips forward very easily, especially during the sort of very active games I got it to play.  It is pretty front-heavy.  So, some ballast on the back strap helps quite a bit.

I taped a battery pack I had on-hand to the back strap with gaffer tape to confirm that it helped with the issue.  I decided I really wanted something a little more elegant, though.  So, I designed and made this battery ballast pouch.

If you want to make one of these, the files are all linked below, along with instructions and a build video.

Instructions / Fabrication Notes

There are two pattern files: one for cutting the pouch from the faux leather and, one for the rigidity insert.

The purple square is where you would put any graphic you wanted on the flap.  You could actually use all of the horizontal space to the edges of the flap, if you wanted.  Anything farther towards the body (down) will bend over the top of the battery, though.

For engraving the JPP Saddle Collection faux leather on the Glowforge, I used 1000 speed, 30 power and 225 LPI.  You are on your own for figuring out settings for other equipment.

Everything else in the pattern is cut using 245 speed and 60 power.

I cut the 1/8″ acrylic for the rigidity insert with the usual Proofgrade settings on the Glowforge.

Design Files

These files are for personal, non-commercial use only. If you want to produce these to sell or for other business use, please contact me to arrange for licensing terms.  Also note that, by referencing these, you are agreeing to release any variations you create under identical terms.

Attribution-Creative Commons NonCommercial-ShareAlike

Quest Battery Pouch Pattern SVG

Quest Battery Pouch Rigidity Insert Pattern SVG


I know not everyone has a laser cutter but, many communities have maker spaces where you can get access to tools like laser cutters and, assistance learning to use them for free or, for a small fee or donation. Support your local communities, learn new skills and make new friends!

Find a maker space near you.

As I mention in the video, the Saddle Collection faux leather cuts great with a craft knife, screw punch, etc.  So, you could absolutely do this without any fancy equipment.

Of course, if you really want your own laser, feel free to use my Glowforge referral code to purchase your own. Glowforge will give you a discount off their posted price and, I will get a credit kickback to help defray the cost of materials for future projects. Your support is always appreciated.

Amazon referral links for some parts and incidentals defray IT and hosting costs for a local arts organization (Arizona Aikido):

Anker PowerCore Slim 1000PD Power Bank (rechargeable battery)

Magnetic Charging Cable

Screw Punch

“Saddle Collection” Faux / Vegan Leather

Industrial adhesive-backed Velcro

Industrial Velcro in Larger Rolls

Large Blunt Needles for saddle stitching

Waxed Cotton Cord for stitching

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