Hart of Winter


keyboard.io at HeatSync Labs


keyboard.io Road Show in Phoenix!

Greetings Phoenix Friends! We are organizing the local stop for the Keyboard.io road show supporting their Kickstarter campaign: http://kck.st/1LboxYO Kaia and Jesse are building a better [...]


Carbide 3D Nomad 883 Desktop CNC

Excited to un-box and set up new equipment for the stud.io today! 3D printing gets all the buzz but, CNC milling machines can do amazing things and, are not limited to plastic. If you are [...]


CircuitScribe and Circuit Stickers

A quick “hello world” project with ElectronInks‘ CircuitScribe and Chibitronics’ Circuit Stickers drawn with one of the plotting cutters on a sheet of black cover stock.   [...]


MicroView Graphics in Minutes

If you have been playing with the new MicroView arduino microcontroller, you likely know that it has a built-in 64 by 48 pixel OLED display and, that you can use the support library for it to [...]


MicroView Gears

A very simple animated gear on the new MicroView Arduino. The code is here, although it is not particularly exciting. It’s just a simple three-frame animation. I’m sure there is a [...]



After letting it sit in the studio for an embarrassingly long time, I got the new BlackTooth laser up and running this past Spring. Here is the first successful test run.