Viking Longship Origamic Architecture Card

Viking Longship Origamic Architecture Pop Up Card

This Viking longship OA/kirigami pop up card was some time in the making. I’m quite happy with it, especially the dragon head.

I made four custom rubber stamps for imprinting the sails (two dragons and two spirals, one for each orientation). The metallic ink takes a long time to dry (like a month). So, I embossed them with clear embossing powder and a heat gun. The tongue is painted red. Lots of fragile bits on these. So, they required careful handling.

Laser-cut Spiral Stamp

Lasercut spiral stamp mounted on champagne cork

Lasercut spiral stamp mounted on champagne corkOne thing that always appealed to me about having a laser cutter in the studio is being able to create rubber stamps as needed, rather than having to send artwork out to a service. I have some “low odor” laserable rubber on-hand that I have never used. So, as a quick evening project this week, I created this little spiral stamp on the new Glowforge. I mounted it on a champagne cork using carpet tape, with a layer of plastic packing foam between the rubber and cork.

Important lessons learned here include how to size artwork for the GFUI and, that you absolutely do not want the residue from laser engraving rubber on your hands.