I started playing with making a light-up paper star to use as a package or tree ornament over the holidays a few years ago. The previous attempt used separate pieces for each point of the star. While that has a great form, it was difficult to assemble and fragile at that size. This past season, I came up with a simpler design that just has a front and a back. It’s obvious enough that I am sure it has been done before but, it worked out pretty well for this.

This is cut from a heavy violet cover stock with translucent panels glued to the inner sides. A little arm holds a Chibitronics Rainbow Fade Circuit Sticker in the middle. Conductive thread runs out through a point to a 3D-printed CR2032 battery holder I designed.

There is a video showing how I made it and, the patterns and STL files are below.  The patterns show the areas where I cut out scrollwork so you can add your own designs.  Even just a pattern of holes in those areas without the translucent vellum would make a great star.

These files are for personal, non-commercial use only.  Note that, by referencing these, you are agreeing to release any variations you create under identical terms.

Attribution-Creative Commons NonCommercial-ShareAlike

Paper Star, single tab (SVG)

Paper Star, double tab (SVG)

Paper Star, single tab with electronics arm (SVG)

CR2032 Battery Holder (ZIP with STLs)

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