Cherry Hardwood Box with Maple Celtic Spiral Inlay

I have been wanting to try wood inlay using the laser. I eventually figured out that some issues with previous explorations using acrylic were due to a consistency problem with Corel Draw’s SVG export. Although PDF export is workable, I have mostly switched to using Inkscape for this sort of thing.

I did a couple of test pieces to get the fit right (I actually spent more time on the box tabs). So, this is my first completed piece.

This is .25-inch cherry hardwood with maple inlay. The box is 2.5 inches square and about 1.55-inches tall (phi-ish FTW). Box assembly is good but, not snap-fit. The lid fits tightly on its own but, I added small magnets for a little extra grip. The outer surfaces are finished with wipe-on polyurethane.

This was a good learning experiment and, I have a list of things to try for the next attempt.

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