Totoro Twisted-Crest OA/Kirigami Pop Up Card

 In Origamic Architecture

Just open this card and … 🎶 you’ll be meeting Totoro! 🎶

Although I don’t normally do a lot with other people’s characters or designs, some of Hayao Miyazake’s movies have a special place in my heart.   I know they do for many others, too.  So, I did this for some upcoming birthdays.

I sketched my Totoro (Totoros?) in Procreate on the iPad, with a still from the movie as a reference.  I used the sketch as a reference to make a vector version in Inkscape.  I created the ferns the same way.  I designed the flowers directly in Inkscape.

Engraving wasn’t providing enough contrast, even when dusting with chalk.  So, the white on the fronts are polyester sticker stock where I just cut the sticker layer and weeded it.  I filled in the tail engraves with a white gel pen.

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