Paper Towel Roll Holder
Paper Towel Roll Holder
Paper Towel Roll Holder

After one too many rounds of fumbling with a roll of paper towels while working at the resin 3D printer, I whipped out this quick paper towel roll holder. It’s a laser-cut strip of quarter-inch-thick acrylic, a three-quarter inch dowel I had on-hand and, a couple discs of MDF. It drops into the wire rack I am using as a 3D printing workstation. There are screw holes for mounting, if someone wanted to put it somewhere like under a cabinet.

Sandwich either side of each bend point in the acrylic between small pieces of MDF or plywood to constrain the bend to a straight line. Heat with a heat gun and, bend both ends 90 degrees in the same direction.

Cut the dowel to 11.5 inches. Sand a little, if desired. Glue the discs on the ends and, allow to dry.

The dowel goes through the tube of the paper towel roll, then drops in to the slots.

Here is a fast (and quiet) assembly video if you prefer to see it done:

It’s a quick and dirty design with many opportunities for improvement but, here is the design file, in case it is useful to anyone.

Design Files

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Evermore Studio Paper Towel Roll Holder (SVG)

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