Faux Copper Patina Reliquary

Chatting with resin/dice artist Georgina (@DiceOfTheSeeker) about colors in one of her pieces, I realized it would probably look pretty cool on one of my reliquaries with a copper patina finish. So, I made one and, sent it to her. She sent back some wonderful photos. I also made a 90-second short about how I did the finish.

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Key Pattern Pendant

I have been doing a lot of computer design and modeling stuff for various studio projects lately and, was feeling restless about not making anything in the studio proper. Someone I know on Instagram was describing a technique they used to make something and, I wanted to try it. So, I took a couple of hours and made this pendant. I think it came out pretty great!

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Simple Washi Tape Valentine

I made a quick Celtic key pattern washi tape valentine!

I used the laser for the cutting but, you could do this with a craft knife. Just be careful with the pressure on the left side to cut through just the washi tape.

It’s simple but, grab the pattern below.

There is some of my Celtic key pattern washi tape in the shop, if you want to play with it, too.

These files are for personal, non-commercial use only.  Note that, by referencing these, you are agreeing to release any variations you create under identical terms.

Attribution-Creative Commons NonCommercial-ShareAlike

Heart Card Pattern (SVG)

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Celtic Key Pattern Washi Tape

You may have noticed that I love the knotwork, key patterns and spirals of Celtic art. I had a neat idea for another way to share that. I turned one of my key patterns into some fun Celtic key pattern washi tape. The test run came out great! If you want some to play with, I have a limited quantity from the first run of the Celtic Key Pattern Washi Tape available in the shop.

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